Lowering age of consent exposes girls to abuse

Originally published by the Standard Media on 13th May 2019 https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001325199/lowering-age-of-consent-exposes-girls-to-abuse The Sexual Offences Act was designed to provide for all conceivable sexual offences, especially practices where adults engage in sexual activities with minors without being punished. However, debate has arisen following proposal of an amendment that would lower the age of consent from 18 to 16 years. Three Kenyan judges; Daniel Musinga, Patrick Kiage and Roselyn Nambuye state that the basis for this proposal is the high number of young men who are in prison “serving lengthy sentences for having sexual intercourse with adolescent girls whose consent has been … Continue reading Lowering age of consent exposes girls to abuse

A Kenyan’s plea for Somali refugees

During my first year at the university I met a young Congolese woman. I would meet her in class, and in some cases sit next to her, but other than the occasional hallo, I never got to talk to her much. She spent a lot of her time alone and seemed to be in her on world. On one occasion, the two of us were paired for an assignment. At that time I knew very little about the war in Congo. As we were discussing our assignment one day, I asked her whether the war had affected her family. I … Continue reading A Kenyan’s plea for Somali refugees

Tino’s soul is dead

When I met Tino, I wanted to be her. She was everything I imagined was an embodiment of success. She was intelligent, well-spoken, confident, and accomplished. Her dread-locked hair and African clothed body spoke of self-assurance and comfort with her roots. I could tell that she was just about my age, and that made me slightly jealous and curious at the same time. I wondered what it was that had moulded her to be that way; was it her background, did she go to the ‘right’ schools, or just a case of very high intelligence? To sum it up, Tino … Continue reading Tino’s soul is dead


I remember an incident after I had just finished high school, I received a random call requesting me to participate as a respondent in an opinion poll. The researcher asked whether I thought Kenya was going in the right direction, to which I responded a big yes. She asked whether I thought the economy would improve, and I responded with another big yes. Of course a few years later, I was to be proved wrong, and when I remember the opinion poll incident, I laugh at my naïve optimism. You see, I had just finished high school, and I was … Continue reading WE HAVE EYES BUT CANNOT SEE

My Body; My Clothes; My Choice #MydressMyChoice

On November 7th 2014, a woman was violently stripped naked in Nairobi, by Embassava matatu touts.  The touts aimed to ‘teach her a lesson’ for ‘tempting them’ by ‘indecently exposing her body’. They took matters in their own hands, punishing the woman for the ‘crime’ of ‘subjecting society to immorality’. While these men justify their chauvinistic actions in the name of protecting society from immorality, the same matatus subject their commuters, young and old, to blaring obscenities, in some cases with videos of semi-naked women in the name of music. On most mornings, many of these matatus will be tuned … Continue reading My Body; My Clothes; My Choice #MydressMyChoice